Egg Sucking Leech Streamer - 2 Pack

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An Egg Sucking Leech Streamer - 2 Pack is a popular pattern because it works! Egg sucking leeches may be the number one streamer used in Alaska and is certainly a crazy popular choice on many interior steelhead runs and those rivers where Atlantic salmon are the target. You can also send an Egg Sucking Leech Streamer to the bottom of ponds and lakes where predatory fish hunt. Leeches are bottom-dwellers hiding in the mud. They are present year-round in open waters, so trout dine on them regularly. And trout eat eggs. While an egg-sucking leech can exist in theory, the odds of you finding this in nature are almost nil. That being said, imagine the state of a trout or steelhead's mind when it sees two meals in one! Whether steelhead fishing is on your bucket list or you already wade the tributaries going after these silver missiles, know that you will bring a pair of the most effective fly patterns for them with an Egg Sucking Leech Streamer - 2 Pack!

  • Use for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, grayling, bass
  • Mimics a leech ingesting a salmonid egg; or, perhaps a young eel doing the same
  • Technique: cast-and-retrieve or set upon a dead drift are popular methods; try jigging the retrieve by moving the rod tip up and down slowly one-to-two feet while reeling this streamer straight to you
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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