At a Glance: Spincasting Reels

Spincasting reels are well-suited for light lures and terminal tackle, but they also work well with moderately heavy lines. When casting, the line is funneled through an opening in the nose cone which encloses the spool and pickup pin. This pin is part of a mechanism that spins around the spool as the handle is turned when retrieving the line, much like a bail wire for spinning reels. This design reduces the line twist caused by the mechanics of spinning reels. Most spincasting reels mount on top of casting rods just like casting reels do, and they feature a button that is activated by the angler’s thumb. This button is pressed to disengage the pickup pin to allow the line to leave the spool freely on the cast. This design makes spincasting reels ideal for children and new anglers to learn the mechanics of casting. Some brands offer what is called an “under-spin spincasting reel,” mounted under the rod like a spinning reel, but is also fully enclosed. These rely on a long lever instead of the thumb button and is activated by the angler’s index finger. Spincasting reels are great for throwing lures, bottom bait fishing, and for use with bobbers and floats.

Popular brands of spincasting reels available at FishUSA include Pflueger, Daiwa, Lew's, and more.