At a Glance: Jarred & Cured Baits

Jarred and cured baits are natural eggs and roe, baitfish and cutbait, and worms and waxies which have been preserved to prevent rot and decay. Jarred and cured baits can be made to enhance their usability with the use of cures, preservatives, and dyes employed by the manufacturers for the various products they specialize in providing for use in saltwater and freshwater. They are designed to catch a variety of fish by optimizing scent and color to create the most attractive combination for your targeted predatory fish species. Anglers can find almost any color imaginable when looking at this category of baits. Most jarred and cured baits are very lightweight, so they partner well with lighter tackle. Ease of storage and transportation of these products is similar to that of artificial baits in bags and jars. Keep in mind, however, that jarred and cured baits are susceptible to temperature and moisture extremes because they are made from actual natural fish and fish-parts. Be sure to check local regulations regarding the use of live and preserved baits.

Popular brands of jarred and cured baits available at FishUSA include Atlas-Mike's, Pautzke, Pro-Cure, and more.