At a Glance: Salmon & Steelhead Spinners

Spinners can be a popular lure to employ against Salmon and Steelhead. Spinners have rotating metal blades, beads, and even feathers. All of this is designed to create noise and vibrations, and lots of it! They can be painted with vibrant and even UV colors to enhance their appearance in lower light conditions. Spinners are versatile; they are great for dark or clear water, moving and stagnant water, and can be fished throughout the water column. It can take a little bit extra to get Salmon and Steelhead to strike and they need to believe your presentation in order to be tempted. The flashing colors, loud noise, and high vibrations that spinners produce can help tempt vary Salmon and Steelhead to strike.

FishUSA offers the top brands for your Salmon and Steelhead spinners such as Blue Fox, Panther Martin, Thomas, Worden’s, and many more!