At a Glance: Lure Components

Lure components are offered for the angler wishing to build their own custom trolling rigs or to modify commercial harnesses. Lure components can be generally described as parts for a finished fish lure, but packaged in quantities to typically make or modify more than one lure. Anglers can purchase separate pieces to create a lure they believe will be perfect in their specific situation. The types of lure components available are blades and attractors, clevises, and beads and floats. Assembled together, numerous combinations of these different parts could attract almost any type of fish an angler may target, and at any time of the year. Add these components to wire, fluorocarbon, or monofilament leader materials, tie on your favorite hook(s) and you’ve custom tied a crawler harness. Add floating beads to an ordinary bait harness and you’re changing the presentation drastically, which could trigger bites when others are drowning bait. There are components that can be added to any existing lure or bait harness to make them even more effective. FishUSA offers packs of lure components, kits, and component assortments to provide countless options for the beginner, or as a jumping off point for combinations of elements not available in commercially made lures.

Popular brands of lure components available at FishUSA include Worden's, Dutch Fork Custom Lures, Northland, Berkley, and more.