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Adam's Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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An Adam's Dry Fly - 2 Pack contains a pair of downright adaptable and functional dry fly patterns, so much so that every size could be in your fly box. Blue Wing Olives showing themselves? Tie on a tiny Adams. Need to imitate any adult mayfly? Use an Adams. How about a midge? Go small and use an Adams. Caddisflies coming off? Twitch a large Adams across the topwater. Climbing a small mountain stream for brookies? Use a large fuzzy Adams here, too. Can't identify what the fish are eating? Try an Adams. Fact is, the standard Adam's Dry Fly is simply one of the all-time greats for fly fishing. There's something about that grizzly and brown hackle, the upright wing of grizzly tips, and that medium gray body trout go to time and time again, no matter the season, hatch, or water type. Have you tried one lately? Get every size to cover every situation with this Adam's Dry Fly - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, grayling, Arctic char, and others
  • Mimics a mayfly dun in general, does a dandy job as a March Brown; often used as an attractor pattern; can imitate a caddisfly when skipped across the water, a spinner mayfly that has dropped from the sky, or a crippled dun; in the smaller sizes, it can be used in place of a midge or a Trico
  • Technique: fish on a dead drift or move it as needed to mimic the insect you want it to, cast to see what might be out there in between hatches or when nothing seems to be moving (or when nothing else is working)
  • Tied on Daiichi dry fly hooks, down eye, standard wire, round bend
  • Qty. per Pack: 2