At a Glance: Apparel

Fishing apparel is designed to enhance your fishing experience, as well as announce to the world your favorite brands. Whether providing protection from harsh elements, a moisture-wicking base or the insulating layers in between, the modern angler has the ability to perfectly match their clothing to the climate and conditions they’ll face on the water. The bulky clothing hanging in grandpa’s closet can remain in storage as part of angling history. Modern fabrics and materials provide the protection and comfort needed to operate a boat, change tackle or fight fish - without fighting clothing at the same time. The categories of apparel offered by FishUSA include FishUSA apparel, suits and bibs, jackets and hoodies, shirts and tops, pants and shorts, hats and gloves, shoes, socks, and eyewear.

FishUSA branded apparel is constantly growing, as we add new products and aim to supply our customers with the comfort and style they ask for from America’s Tackle Shop. Suits and bibs include rain suits, durable fishing bibs, and potential life-saving flotation assist ice fishing bibs. Jackets and hoodies are the outer layer protection against snow, wind, and rain. This section offers the flotation assist ice fishing jackets, as well as stylish hoodies every angler needs. Shirts and tops offer short and long sleeve t-shirts from the best brands in the business, moisture-wicking base layers and UV protection for warm weather fishing, as well as stylish tops to wear around the lodge after a day on the water. Pants and shorts range from base layer bottoms and insulating pants for wading, to stylish shorts and convertible pants for both men and women, as well as a selection of rain pants. Shoes, socks and belts offer socks to keep your feet warm and dry inside waders, wading belts for safety on the streams, and stylish shoes for the boat or shore. Hats and gloves are where FishUSA offers rain hats, branded winter and summer hats, and gloves suitable for many fishing scenarios. The final category of apparel is often overlooked yet is an essential part of dressing for the conditions. Eyewear and accessories offer sunglasses for the men, women and youth anglers. All of the eyewear is polarized to allow the angler to see through the glare on the water’s surface while blocking out UV rays.

Popular brands of fishing apparel at FishUSA include Redington, Simms, Striker, Frogg Toggs, AFTCO, and more.

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