At a Glance: Salmon & Steelhead Jarred & Cured Baits

Both Salmon and Steelhead are highly scent driven hunters, and this is where jarred and cured baits can excel amongst all other bait and lures. In waters where their eyes may not be so effective, Salmon and Steelhead can strike on a scent that is enticing enough. The jarred and cured baits list is a long one, everything from cured Salmon eggs, scent packed nuggets, doughs, pastes, and more! Companies have mastered the perfect scents that can trigger those aggressive strikes from Salmon and Steelhead. All of the jarred and cured baits come in a variety of colors and scents that help anglers land more trophy fish.

FishUSA offers the top brands for your Salmon and Steelhead jarred and cured baits such as Berkley, Pautzke, Atlas Mike’s, and many more!