At a Glance: Centerpin & Float Rods

Centerpin and float rods are designed to work with centerpin reels and spinning reels for this increasingly popular salmon and steelhead tactic. Centerpin fishing is typically done on large streams and rivers and calls for long, flexible centerpin rods with a significant amount of slack line between the rod tip and the float. The long rods allow anglers to properly manage the slack line, keeping it up and off the water’s surface as long as possible for a drag-free drift. The terminal tackle employed is intended to present the fly out in front of the float so the fish see the bait first, giving the angler a tremendous advantage over other similar tactics. The lines are typically very light and float high on the water surface, while the rods need to absorb the shock and pressures of these large, hard fighting fish. Float rods have guides that are typically small and numerous to provide an even greater line-control than other spinning rods. Centerpin and float rod handles are quite long and have either fixed reel seats or sliding rings for a custom location of the reel. The rods are available in two, three, and four-piece models ranging from 8' to 15' 6" in length.

Popular brands of centerpin and float rod brands available at FishUSA are Shimano, G. Loomis, Echo, Lamiglas, Raven, St. Croix, and more.