At a Glance: Attractants & Cures

Attractants and cures are liquids and pastes to coat and spray scent onto lures, to preserve and cure your own eggs and baitfish, and to attract fish to specific areas in the water. Attractants allow any angler to enhance their baits and lures by dipping, spraying, and coating various formulas to give scent to otherwise scentless lures or terminal tackle. These additions add scent to your tackle and each type is geared towards drawing in specific species of predatory fish. Cures allow the preservation of previously live baitfish or fish-parts harvested with the intent of future use, including minnows, cutbait, eggs, and roe. This makes the preserved baits easier to transport and store. Many cures will not only preserve eggs and roe, but they’ll make them firm and durable when pierced with a bait hook. Cures also allow an angler to enhance preserved baits with a variety of colors which mimic various stages of health and age of the baitfish and parts. Attractants and cures are available in liquid, paste, powder, and spray forms to allow for a variety of application, storage, and transportation options. Be sure to check local regulations regarding the use of live and preserved baits.

Popular attractant and cure brands available at FishUSA include Atlas, Berkley, Pautzke, Pro-Cure, and more.