Why You Need a Trolling Rod

Sure, you can troll with practically any rod. But advances in fishing rod design have resulted in highly specialized trolling rods. These trolling rods – for sale here at FishUSA – are engineered to accommodate many types of lines, baits and lures that are dragged behind a moving boat.

What You Can Catch With Trolling Fishing Rods

A trolling fishing rod can be used to fish for a multitude of freshwater and saltwater species. However, some trolling rods have been designed for specific species, with the most popular being steelhead/salmon and walleye. Panfish trolling is becoming popular in some areas and calls for rods engineered for that purpose.

Of course, high-quality fishing trolling rods certainly provide you with a solid start, but the skills needed to catch a marlin versus a crappie still comes down to the person behind the trolling rod (as experienced anglers well know).

Why Trolling Rods Are Better Than Other Rods for Trolling

Trolling rods are typically constructed of fiberglass or graphite and feature long cork or foam handles designed to fit into rod holders mounted to the boat. Trolling rods are usually one or two-piece rods or telescoping models which shorten the rod and make storage and transporting easier.

The rod blanks on fishing trolling rods are generally much thicker and heavier than other fishing rods to withstand the tremendous force put on them by the pull of terminal tackle with the boat's movement. They also need a significant backbone to fight and land large, stubborn fish. Most trolling rods are designed to accommodate trolling reels or conventional reels that mount to the top of the blank, although a few models are used with large spinning reels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trolling Rods

Because of the specialized nature of trolling rods, we often get questions about them. We've addressed a few of these below, but if you're looking for additional information on trolling rods, please contact us. We're always happy to help fellow anglers!

What Are the Benefits of Different Fishing Trolling Rods?

Certain trolling rods can be paired with various devices for optimal success:

  • Planer Boards & Divers: A fishing trolling rod for use with planer boards and divers is strong and flexible but has fast actions.
  • Downriggers: Rods used with downriggers have softer, more flexible blanks that can bend significantly more than other rods and snap up when the line is tripped off the downrigger release.
  • Specialized Guides: Some trolling rods have features like roller guides and tips, which are needed for the various types of wire trolling lines.
  • Braided Lines & Wire: Trolling rods with braided lines and wire should have stainless steel guides to withstand the abrasion that would damage other guides.

What Are the Most Popular Fishing Trolling Rod Brands?

Here at FishUSA, we sell a variety of high-quality trolling rods. Our selection includes these popular brands:

Can I Use More Than One Trolling Fishing Rod at a Time?

Provided no local ordinance forbids it, trolling with more than one rod at a time is productive. Multiple trolling fishing rods allows you to run multiple different lures at multiple different depths. This allows you to find and dial in the fish much faster.

Find Your Next Trolling Rod at FishUSA

Be assured that the trolling rods for sale at FishUSA have passed our exacting standards for quality and endurance. As avid anglers ourselves, we have personal experience with many of our products, so we know what works and provides the best fishing experience.

You can rely on FishUSA for all your angling needs. Whether you're fishing in a boat on the lake, standing waist-deep in a stream or angling from the banks of a river, we have all the fishing gear and equipment you need to catch the big one. Shop FishUSA today for trolling rods and so much more!