At a Glance: Salmon & Steelhead Lure Components

Your lures are the lifeblood of your fishing gear. Maintaining your lures and making sure your split rings are in tip-top shape is vital to your gear performing under the pressure of a fighting Salmon or Steelhead. Lure components can help add some more flash to draw attention to your offering, or you can replace older split rings to be stronger. You can add components to help amp up the noise and vibration, which can get a lure that wasn’t generating any interest to become the most enticing thing in the water. Whether you are maintaining your lures or adding some more flash, FishUSA carries all your lure component needs!

FishUSA offers the top brands for your Salmon and Steelhead lure components such as Bandit, Gamakatsu, Luhr Jensen, Worden’s, and many more!