At a Glance: Baitcasting Rods

Baitcasting rods are designed to be used exclusively with baitcasting (or casting) reels, which mount to the top of the rods. The mechanics of baitcasting reels allow for great line control and casting distances - casting rods are an extension of this capability. Casting rods have attached line guides, so they feed the line directly to and from the spool of the reel. This helps avoid significant friction from contact with the guides, which is an unwelcome characteristic of spinning rods. The reel seat and handle typically features a finger rest underneath for the index finger of the hand holding the rod and is often referred to as a trigger. While this piece does not actually move, it does provide an extremely secure grip while casting. Casting rods are normally used in scenarios where the lure or bait is being cast out and reeled in at a frequent pace. One-piece casting rods are the most popular for their strength and sensitivity, but they are available in two, three, four and five-piece options as well as telescopic versions where a portion of the rod blank slides down into the handle to make transport and storage easier. This style of rod and reel is most popular with bass fishing but is also well suited for species like walleye, pike, musky, catfish, and carp. While casting rods excel at throwing heavy lures, when the reels are properly set up they can cast lightweight terminal tackle. Light and ultra-light casting rods are also available.

Popular brands of casting rods available at FishUSA include Shimano, G. Loomis, 13 Fishing, St. Croix, Abu Garcia, Okuma, and more.