At a Glance: Braided & Super

Braided and super lines are made of multiple strands of material that has been braided, or fused, together to form thin, low-stretching lines of superior strength compared to all other castable fishing lines. Braided fishing line can be comprised of any of the following single line materials: Dacron, Spectra and/or Dyneema. Braided lines are extremely strong and have no stretch, making them very sensitive to lure actions and fish bites. The abrasion resistance of braided lines allows anglers fishing in areas with structure and heavy vegetation to fish with confidence, not having to worry about losing lures or fish because of the line snapping easily. The strength will also allow an angler to recover more snagged lures, as hooks tend to straighten out before braids snap. Braided and super lines can be used for years without degrading like nylon lines, which makes them even more economical to the angler despite the initial higher price points. These lines are much thinner than lines like copolymer or fluorocarbon, allowing for greater casting distances. This also allows for more of the line to fit on a spool. The strength and small diameter also make braided lines the perfect choice as backing line for heavy trolling lines such as copper. Keep in mind that these characteristics can also cause some issues as these lines typically cannot be bitten or snapped by hand, so sharp scissors are a must-have so as to not cut your hands or fingers. Since braids have no memory or stretch, hooksets are very strong and deep. This can be a problem when hard-charging fish push terminal tackle to its limit. This can be resolved by using nylon leaders which can also add stealth to a braided mainline. The myth of braided lines wearing heavily on certain line guide inserts has diminished in recent years, mostly because the softer inserts once employed have disappeared from use. Any rod with ceramic guides will hold up well to super lines. FishUSA offers braided and super lines in test strengths and spool sizes for every angler to get a fine line advantage on the competition.

Popular brands of braided and super line available at FishUSA include PowerPro, Berkley, P-Line, Sufix, and more.