About Us

Our Mission

At FishUSA, our mission is to be the industry’s authority and most trusted source for premium freshwater fishing tackle by serving passionate anglers who demand the best gear–delivered with our unmatched combination of service, expertise, and value.

Our Story

Founded in 2000, FishUSA began its journey in a modest garage with the spirit of true entrepreneurial grit and passion for fishing. What started as a small-scale operation fueled by a love for angling and the outdoors has since blossomed into "America's Tackle Shop." Now, with nearly a quarter century of service under our belt, we reflect on our growth with pride and gratitude.

From those early days in the garage to becoming a leading online retailer of fishing tackle, our evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. Our headquarters in Fairview, PA, stand as a testament to our journey, housing our corporate office, a beloved Pro Shop, and a sprawling warehouse. Located within the famed "Steelhead Alley," a mere cast away from the shimmering waters of Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay, we are at the epicenter of America's angling paradise.

Our story is one of perseverance, community, and the relentless pursuit of providing the best fishing gear and experience to anglers across the country. It's a narrative we cherish and one that continues to inspire every facet of our operations at FishUSA.

Our Values

At FishUSA, we believe in more than just selling fishing gear; we're about fostering a community. Our connections run deep with industry partners, ranging from tackle manufacturers and distributors to professional and amateur anglers, clubs, and various other fishing enthusiasts. We understand that our customers are not just casual anglers; they are passionate about fishing. This drives us to offer not only a wide range of products but also competitive prices, swift delivery, full product support, and unparalleled customer service.

Our Team

At the core of FishUSA's success is a diverse and dynamic team, each member bringing their own unique passion and expertise to the table. Our team isn't just staffed with employees; it's a family of avid anglers, industry veterans, and customer service champions, all united by a shared love for fishing and a commitment to serving our community.

Leadership with Vision: Our leadership team is composed of seasoned professionals who not only possess a deep understanding of the fishing industry but also bring a visionary approach to navigating the market's ever-changing tides. Their strategic direction and unwavering dedication to excellence set the course for FishUSA's ongoing success and innovation.

Customer Service Excellence: At the front lines are our customer service representatives, the heart and soul of our daily operations. Trained not just in the technicalities of fishing gear but also in the art of customer care, they go above and beyond to ensure every interaction is personalized, helpful, and enriching. Whether it's assisting with gear selection or sharing personal fishing tips, their goal is to make every customer feel valued and supported.

Product Experts and Pro Staff: Our product teams and Pro Staff include some of the finest anglers in the country, bringing a wealth of knowledge and on-water experience. They rigorously test and select the products we offer, ensuring everything in our catalog meets our high standards for quality and performance. Their expertise is not just a pillar for our product selection process but also a valuable resource for our customers, often contributing to our educational content and online forums.

At FishUSA, we understand that our team's collective expertise, passion, and dedication are what set us apart. We are anglers serving anglers, committed to delivering not just the best products but also the best experiences to our community. It's this shared journey towards excellence that makes FishUSA "America's Tackle Shop."

Why FishUSA?

Why choose FishUSA? Because here, you're not just buying tackle—you're becoming part of a larger community. With our roots deeply embedded in one of the country's top fisheries, we bring a level of expertise and passion unmatched by any other. Whether you're fishing in the bass-rich waters of Presque Isle Bay or the tributaries of Lake Erie, we ensure you're equipped with the best gear for over 15 million fish caught annually in these waters. At FishUSA, we are not just a shop; we are your gateway to unforgettable fishing adventures.