Fishing Reports

FishUSA and its many knowledgeable anglers are here to answer your top fishing-related questions! We operate several sites that provide anglers in our region and throughout the world with relevant and helpful information. From "How To" guides and videos to fishing conditions specific to our area, you'll find it covered at the following sites:

Angler Resources is FishUSA's educational website specific to all things fishing.

Read articles about popular fishing topics, watch product videos or follow "How To" guides. These and more, like our fishing term glossary, can be found on Angler Resources.

The FishUSA Forums cover general discussion of sport fishing nationwide, emphasizing the Great Lakes region.

The forums are a great place to discuss general fishing and specific regional areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. It also provides a free platform for selling boats and fishing equipment.

The Avonia Beach and Walnut Creek Access Area live cameras are an excellent way for area anglers to keep tabs on current water and weather conditions on Lake Erie at Fairview, PA. covers stream and lake fishing in Northwest Pennsylvania.

This region is famous for incredible chinook and coho salmon runs in the fall, steelhead and brown trout in the late fall and winter, and fantastic offshore fishing for salmon, brown trout, lake trout, and steelhead during the summer covers the Salmon River, NY, and Eastern Lake Ontario regions.

This region is famous for incredible Chinook salmon runs in the fall, steelhead in the winter, and fantastic offshore fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon, brown trout, and lake trout and steelhead during the summer.