At a Glance: Trolling Flies & Rigs

Trolling flies and rigs are used while trolling for large predatory freshwater and saltwater species. Some trolling rigs function as large versions of worm harnesses to hold cutbait, while others are designed to have trolling flies or other small profile lures attached. These are broken down into trolling flies, cut bait rigs, umbrella rigs, cowbells, and rudders. Cutbait rigs are developed with a pocket to house cutbait with the idea of fish being attracted to the scent the cutbait will give off in addition to the colors of the rigs. Trolling flies are to be handled similarly to the rigs, except there is no pocket for cutbait. Most flies are already attached to a hook and leader and can be directly attached to an angler's trolling rod, reel, and line. These trolling flies are larger and heavier than normal flies and can be paired with skirts or tails made from hair or feathers of any color. Trolling rigs and flies can be run behind flashers and dodgers when taken to the desired depth with downriggers and dipsy divers. Umbrella rigs simulate a small school of baitfish by rigging multiple lures or jigs together. Cowbells are nothing like the musical item sharing the same name. These rigs have multiple large blades to throw out tremendous vibrations to attract predators from long range. Rudders are large paddle-like components which attach between a mainline and the trolling rigs to keep your lines from twisting. FishUSA offers a wide selection of trolling rigs and flies to allow the trolling angler to turn the deep water hunters into the hunted.

Popular brands of trolling flies and rigs at FishUSA include Dreamweaver, Pro-Troll, A-TOM-MIK, Luhr Jensen, and more.