At a Glance: Fly Boxes

A fly box is the easiest, most efficient way to categorize, store, and carry flies on stream or in a boat where a large fly box makes sense. Many anglers have dozens of fly boxes for various species ready and switch out boxes as needed before going to the stream or on an extended trip.

The past 20 years have seen an evolution in the fly fish box from the old clear compartmentalized or clip-style ones to newer plastics, most with foam and many with a waterproof seal to keep moisture from rusting the fly hooks. The older clear compartment boxes, like the Myran Fly Box, remain very suitable for carrying hackled and hair-wing dry flies – especially larger drake or Catskill-style fly types. The convenience and larger capacity of the plastic and foam style fly fishing box dominate, and FishUSA has an extensive line to meet your needs.

Our offerings include the Cliff's Bugger Barn fly box, Orvis fly boxes in various styles, boat boxes from Scientific Anglers and Umpqua, and several models of Tacky fly boxes. FishUSA provides its brand in multiple sizes and styles and offers a FishUSA New Phase Double-Sided Waterproof Fly Box in different capacities. You can find a fly box to store every type of fly size and type for the shirt, vest pocket, or drift boat.