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Daiwa Spinmatic D Spinning RodDaiwa Spinmatic D Spinning Rod
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NewBaitUp Live Bait Container
BaitUp Live Bait Container
The BaitUp Live Bait Container is a handy accessory to conveniently keep, carry, view and select live bait for the angler who likes to keep moving. You can carry minnows, leeches or other small bait in this container. It comes with a floating basket where you can easily choose which bait you would like to use. Another neat feature is the dual lid design that allows for quick bait selection as well as eliminates bait loss when you need to refresh low oxygenated water. Clip the lanyard to your fis...
$17.99 - $19.99
C.P. Swing Spinner
C.P. Swing Spinner
3 Colors available
C.P. Swing Spinners are a classic tackle box staple. These inline spinners are great for a wide range of fish from panfish and trout to walleye and pike. The beaded bodies and scaled blades provide multiple reflective surfaces that flash during the retrieve, just like the natural scales of a fleeing baitfish or minnow. C.P. Swing Spinners brass models feature both brass blades and brass beaded bodies. The silver-brass models feature matte silver blades and brass beaded bodies. Each package con...
$4.79 - $5.49
G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Trout Spinning Rod
G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Trout Spinnin...
15 Models available
G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Trout Spinning Rods great for lake or stream fishing and designed specifically for trout anglers. These rods are made with one objective in mind... to help serious trout anglers become more successful and enjoy their time on the water with the lightest, most sensitive rods available. Whether your pitching a spinner, a marabou jig or drifting single eggs on your favorite creek, these rods offer the ultimate in control.
$224.99 - $309.99
G. Loomis GL3 Classic Trout & Panfish Spinning Rod
G. Loomis GL3 Classic Trout & Panfi...
8 Models available
The G. Loomis GL3 Classic Trout & Panfish Spinning Rod is designed to protect light line better and give you increased casting distance and a longer, more effective hook set. This rod is a light-duty, all-around spinning rod excellent for small freshwater species. If you're fishing in tight quarters or small creeks, G. Loomis suggests the shorter models, but if you frequent larger streams, ponds, or lakes they recommend the longer rods.The G. Loomis GL3 is exceptionally strong and will handle la...
$209.99 - $279.99
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow
11 Colors available
The Rapala Ultra Light Minnow features a weighted body that casts incredibly far for such a small sized bait. The slow sinking design along with a unique lip create an enticing wobbling and rolling action that is sure to drive game fish crazy. These lures are perfect for panfish, bass and trout fishing with ultralight and light gear.