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FishUSA Digital Camo Hat
FishUSA Digital Camo Hat
Blue/GreySnow Camo
The FishUSA Digital Camo Hat is an awesome-looking piece of apparel with a modern look. This 6-panel hat utilizes a structured design with a pre-curved visor. The cotton twill material with cushioned mesh back panels is durable, long-lasting, and provides all-day comfort. On the front left panel is an embroidered FishUSA fish logo so you can show off your favorite tackle shop!
Keitech Fat Swing Impact
Keitech Fat Swing Impact
13 Colors available
The Keitech Fat Swing Impact takes swimbaits to the next level with its unique swim motion at any retrieve speed. These baits are balanced by Keitech's two-tone color injection process and feature tapered and ribbed bodies, which helps give the paddle tail its swimming action. With a natural swimming motion and durable construction, the Fat Swing Impact is a valuable addition to anyone's bait arsenal. These baits are packaged snugly in blisters in order to protect their integrity and help keep t...
$5.99 - $6.79
Megabass Vision Oneten
Megabass Vision Oneten
12 Colors available
The Megabass Vision Oneten is a favorite jerkbait among professional and amateur anglers. The Oneten features a patented tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System that allows for exceptionally long casts and also creates a darting action and flash under water. Combining a lifelike swimming action, realistic color patterns, and three Katsuage Out-Barb treble hooks, this jerkbait will increase your hookup rates.
NewRapala Dives-To DT
Rapala Dives-To DT
40 Colors available
The Rapala Dives-To DT utilizes high-quality balsa wood with strategically placed internal weights to produce a perfectly balanced crank bait. The body features a tapered fuselage and thin tail that creates the ultimate side-to-side crankbait action. The internal weights and thin polycarbonate lip allows for long casting up to 150 feet and also works to quickly dive down to your desired depth, keeping your bait in the strike zone longer. Every lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested, ensuring perfect...
$7.29 - $9.99
NewVMC 7556 Spark Point Treble Hooks
VMC 7556 Spark Point Treble Hooks
VMC 7556 Spark Point Treble Hooks are equipped with VMC Spark Point Technology and are made from strong Vanadium steel. The front and back ribs will offer an increase speed of penetration for excellent hooking power. VMC 7556 Spark Point Treble Hooks utilizes a forging process, giving them strength to resist flexing or bending. The inline eye guarantees better swimming action from your lures.