At a Glance: Fly Fishing Tools

FishUSA has an extensive selection of tools from Boomerang Tool Co., Fishpond, Gerber, Loon Outdoors, New Phase, Orvis, Simms, Umpqua, and others. These fly fishing accessories are often necessities after you hit the water with the fly rod.

Tools such as clippers/nippers are necessary on stream to cut leaders and tippet materials. Likewise, on stream, a pair of pliers/hemostats/forceps are excellent for pinching barbs on hooks if you so choose or is required where barbed hooks are illegal. Each of these tools also is quite handy for removing flies from fish, especially hemostats or forceps, which are lightweight versions of pliers with longer and more slender ends for precise hook removal of a streamer, nymph, or dry fly. Tool kits combine several of these essentials in one package.

Zingers/tethers/retractors are favorite fishing gear for they make accessing tools easy while on stream at your fishing spot or in the boat. Magnetic net releases help stow your net out of the way until needed for landing fish. Another excellent tool is a stream thermometer to help determine water temperature and learn the range where the species sought is most actively feeding – and more willing to take your presentation.