At a Glance: Salmon & Steelhead Hard Baits

Salmon and Steelhead are two groups of fish that keep anglers on their toes. These fish are known for being completely unpredictable, so coming prepared with a wide array of lures and bait is essential to landing your next trophy fish. Many anglers recommend shiny lures for Salmon, as they prefer low light conditions and can be tempted with sudden shimmers and bright colors. Steelhead are known for being unpredictable when it comes to tempting them to strike, so coming equipped with multiple colors of lures is encouraged. Commonly used hard baits for Salmon and Steelhead are crankbaits, jerkbaits, stickbaits and swimbaits for both casting and trolling.

FishUSA offers the top brands for your Salmon and Steelhead hard baits such as Rapala, Bandit, Luhr Jensen, Smithwick, Bay Rat Lures, and many more!