At a Glance: Travel & Pack Rods

Travel and pack rods are spinning and casting rods designed with the traveling or backpacking angler in mind. No longer does traveling for work or vacation require an angler to leave his own fishing gear like a rod and reel behind or to have to rely on bait shop rentals once they arrive at their destination. It’s difficult to gain that needed confidence in a rod and reel when using rented equipment. Hiking or paddling into remote areas for extended trips calls for compact rods and this category fills that need. Some travel and pack rods have telescopic blanks, but most are three, four, five, or six-piece rods that fit into luggage or backpacks for safety and convenience. Modern fishing rod ferrules allow for multiple-piece rods to be nearly as strong and sensitive as one-piece rods, yet highly portable. The handles all feature fixed reel seats in either cork or EVA foam for great durability. Travel and pack rods are available from 4 feet to 11 feet and some are designed for specific species such as bass and walleye. Some of the travel and pack rods available at FishUSA are sold with pouches, rod socks or travel cases.

Popular brands of travel and pack rods available at FishUSA are Daiwa, Eagle Claw, Okuma, St. Croix, Shakespeare, and more.