Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Up

$41.99 - $49.99
Item No.: F10139

Product Details

Product Details

Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Ups are popular, heavy duty, "cross base" style wooden tip-up. These tip-ups are made of quality hardwood and feature a brass locking tension system, a heavy duty polymer plastic reel, and a stainless steel trip lever.

  • Heavy duty polymer plastic reel with storage hook holes
  • 500 ft. capacity using 36 lb. test line (line not included)
  • Hardwood cross-pieces
  • Stainless steel trip lever
  • Brass nuts and bolts
  • 12 in. grease-filled heavy copper tube
  • Brass, locking tension system
  • Heavy duty flag

Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Ups are made in the U.S.A.



You'd have to be an idiot to spend $35.00 on one tilt/tip-up!!!

excellent investment


I had used 3 other brands of tip ups before purchasing a set of 5 heritages. These are simply the best you can get. 2 of mine would not trip when I first set them up but just needed to "nudge" the trip mechanism a little to line it up properly. [...] They have all worked perfectly since. The mechanism can be set with one hand. The flag is completely wind proof. They have never frozen up. I fish with this set 2 or 3 times a week all season and have never had an issue!

Great product


These tip ups are the best. I've caught almost every fresh water species with them. They are highly visable. Are tall enough to be seen by snowmobiles. They usually have reflective tape on them so they can be seen in a storm, or at night. I have never had one fail, or freeze up on me. I reccomend these to any body for any type of ice fishing.

Great tip up

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Bought 10 of these tip ups they are great the others I was fishing with chased wind flags all day I chased flags but mine all had fish on!

not worth the money


the hardware are off line mine is any how