Eagle Claw Water Weighted Spin Floats

Item No.: F11404

Product Details

Product Details

Eagle Claw Water Weighted Spin Floats are constructed of shatter-resistant plastic and are used by spin anglers for casting lightweight flies. Fill with water to proper weight for perfect casts every time or remove the internal line tube to fill the float with even more water for extra casting weight.

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Very Effective for Joe Flies

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I bought some of the 1" to try and duplicate the success some others had with Joe Flies on a local county lake. Filled with water, they will chunk it out there. However, I seem to have some trouble keeping the water in and the air out. And, if you push the locking pin in too briskly, they will crack and break. Plus, they can be time consuming to set up what with filling, threading, split shot to hold it in place and then finally your lure. Your split shot to set the depth must be crimped tight or the float will work its way down the line. However, if the fish are hitting way out there and you can't reach them otherwise, they will work. And, for extra distance and to sink float faster, you can finagle some B split shot inside the float. Just another weapon in the fishing vest.

Fly fishing with float

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Works very well, can cast flys without a fly rod came in handy in tight places in the mountains.

Great Product

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Best price per pack I could find, however the price per pack was doubled when adding in shipping. Seems like a quality item, no complaints so far.

Absolutely Fantastic!


The way I used these was to get the 2.5" one, filled about half with water, another 2 feet or so of line with a size 2 treble hook (may have been size 3) with about 40% of a McDonald's drinking straw (the ones that have the red and yellow stripes) on the line so that when reeling in it would slide down to the hook. I would use it surf fishing in Destin, Fla - caasting it out and reeling it in so the bubble bounced and splashed on the surface. Drove the fish nuts. I'm not telling much of a fish story when I say every other cast was getting a hit. LOTS OF FUN. I highly recommend it for it's simplicity and amazing success.