Find Ice Fishing Rods and Reels for Any Angler at FishUSA

Ice fishing rods and reels have come a long way from being essentially a stick and a line holder. Nowadays brands like 13 Fishing, St. Croix, G. Loomis, and many more craft extremely high-end ice fishing rods. When transporting these quality ice fishing rods, you’ll want an ice fishing rod case to keep them in great condition. Of course, there are still reasonably priced options for anglers not looking to break the bank from brands like Shakespeare and HT Enterprises. Modern ice fishing reels are also incredibly innovative. Take the inline ice fishing reels that allow you to easily control your lure’s fall rate and manage your line for example.

Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

An ice fishing tip-up is a device that consists of a plastic or wooden base with a flag that pops up and notifies the angler of a bite. Tip-ups for ice fishing vary greatly in look and design. There is either a spool to hold the line so that the angler can hand-line the fish or a rod holder so the device can be used with a traditional ice fishing rod and reel combo. Whether you like the classic ice fishing tip-up design such as the Heritage Tackle or Frabill models, or fancy the newer JawJacker designs, FishUSA has the tip-ups you need to ice the big one this winter!

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