Ice Shelters

Whether you’re a die-hard ice angler or just getting started, an ice fishing shelter will help you make the most out of your ice fishing experience. Picture it this way, ice fishing without an ice hut is like camping without a tent, outside, in the rain. The frigid temperatures, wind, and snow make ice fishing incredibly difficult without a shelter to protect you. Your ice fishing line, reel, and guides will freeze, forcing you to have to constantly pick ice off of them, weakening your already light line and increasing your chances of losing a fish. Stiff, bitter winds are not only chilling to fish in, but also blow your line putting a bow in it, making it extremely difficult to feel bites as well as altering the action of your bait. Not only do ice fishing huts increase your odds of a successful day on the water, but they also keep you and your gear safe, comfortable, and warm. Flasher, camera, and auger battery life lasts longer in a warm, heated ice shanty and keeps you comfortable enough to fish all day. Another huge advantage of fishing in an ice fishing tent is being able to comfortably sit down. Obviously, you can sit down and fish outside, but you will get colder significantly faster, and kneeling on the ice isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do either.

FishUSA Has All the Ice Shelters and Accessories you need!

Ice fishing is an incredibly fun way to spend the winter months, and an ice fishing shelter makes it significantly more enjoyable! Not only will you be warm, comfortable, and safe from the elements in an ice fishing tent, but you’ll fish more effectively too. Pick up one of our sled-style, flip-over ice fishing huts if you’re going solo or with a couple of friends, or purchase a large pop-up tent and bring your whole crew! Before you hit the ice this season, think about picking up an ice fishing shelter from FishUSA to make your experience one to remember!

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