Thill Wobble Bobber

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Thill Wobble Bobbers feature an aerodynamic shape and internal weighting system makes them the longest-casting slip float you can buy. The shape and weight design also gives the angler another advantage, each wave produces an exaggerated jigging action that is transferred to the bait or jig below. The highly visible orange and chartreuse coloring make these floats easy to see even at great distances. Thill Wobble Bobbers provide greater distance and accuracy than any other slip float. Available in sizes for everything from panfish to walleyes to salmon and steelhead.

  • Qty. per pack: 1
  • Sizing indicates the amount of weight these floats will support, not the weight of the bobber

Thill Wobble Bobbers are made in the U.S.A.

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Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

Excellent float

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This is by far the longest casting float I have ever used. The brass grommet allows the line to easily slide through. The weight designations seem to be right on.

Wobble bobbers

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Love these bobbers!

great bobber

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Liked the way it cast and worked with just a twitch if the rod - the bobber wobbled like crazy.

Great Bobber

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Liked the way it cast- worked well when moving the rod tip - the cork would wobble and move easily


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I love the design to it and they had the right idea. But some reason when I cast it, it doesn't go as far as tthe weighted bobber I use. There not as aerodynamic with the wind. I think it would have better use if you used it from a boat then on shore

wobble bobbers

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i really like wobble. nice cast and everything ,i just wish they made them bigger. i fish redfish they still work. just a little bigger.

great float 5the wobbler


I loved thills wobble bobber put a bait on weightless live or plastic (live needs a small splitshot to keep it down sometimes) squeeze your rod or jiggle it to keep bait moving under the wobble bobber or just let the wave action shake your bait, very sensitive to touch I reccomend

very good float

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first time to use this float. very good, cast far and work well. The only con is that the leader line sometimes tangle with the the bobber after casted it.

wobble bobber

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seen video on using these in calm water for eyes, (using leeches). good system.

Well Made and Very Efficient

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I like these for all kinds of jig fishing for everything from Bass and Stripers to pond fishing for bluegills and crappies....

good quality,

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good quality float, catch fish in floating fish

Excellent bobber for shiners!


Excellent casting bobber, with or against the wind. For those of you that are having trouble threading your line thru these, the best way is to fold the line into a loop and thread the loop thru the hole.

Thill Wobble Bobbers

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The Thill Wobble Bobbers weighting system makes them the longest-casting AAAAA+++++

thrill bobber


difficult to thread
<br>color loss due to sun
<br>cast great
<br>i will order more