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HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads

49 Reviews
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HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads are designed for reducing the inherent risk of walking on icy or slippery surfaces. These are very popular for ice fishing. The black rubber safety cleats are easy to pull on and off your boots or shoes. These cleats feature four rows of steel "teeth" under the front of the foot.

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Ratings & Reviews

49 reviews

These are easy to use and work great. Well worth the cost if your gonna be on the ice

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Good product at a good value.

worth the price

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I bought them and they are sized smaller than advertised so I gave them to my wife and she likes them for local walking on winter roads. They are worth the cost, but you may find them to be too small.

very good product

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my post office women told me about these because I work out in the snow and ice and they are great I have had no problems with them if you have a big foot I suggest getting the biggest one they have.

HT Sure Grip ice cleats

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These are a much nicer fit than the "South Bend" chinese units that broke the second season and these replaced them quite nicely... Priced well.

Great value for price

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I bought these specifically to fit over my pac boots for ice fishing. It took a bit to remain aware that there are no cleats on the heel, but they are easy on and off, fit my pac boots perfectly, and are just the ticket for ice fishing. I suspect if they are worn daily for other tasks that there may be longevity issues, but for ice fishing they are a low cost, get the job done cleat.

Finally, a good fit.

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Finally found cleats to fit my size 14 Rocky boots. Easy to put on. Good grip.

worked as advertised

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well worth the money

I will purchase again!

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I am a fuel truck driver and these are a God send when it comes to walking on the packed snow and Ice! Not having metal on the heal part is better since I have tried both, and these are easy to get off when you go inside, although I leave them on when driving the truck.

Works will like a charm! I love them/

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Walking on ice and a few inches of snow. I like them a lot. Seem to stay on boots which is a main interest of mine. Easy to put on, easy to take off


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Marathon Fire Dept for winter fire calls. Ice on top of ice!!! Reading city meters.

Great Value


Excellent value. We purchase for our Route Salesmen that work in all conditions. Haven't had a slip/fall injury since we began purchasing them.

I would buy this product again and again

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Very good product, great for icefishing and for days of ice on the driveway.

HT Sure Grip Safety Treads


Have had the same pair for 3 years - am ordering more in case these wear out. I am 71, have osteoporosis, and live on a slope - has prevented me from falling on the snow and ice - highly recommend them!

Bought for all my friends and family!!


I keep a pair in my vehicle for regular shoes. I also would not be without these handling horses. When the horse is slipping on ice and you are too, there could be disasterous results. Very easy to put on and take off. They stay in place as others I've tried did not.


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Order extra large to put on snow type boots. Could use spike strip on heel area but all in all is alot better than nothing and easy to put on and take off. Easy on and off if you order larger size, also great to use around the house in winter ice conditions.

Good Product

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I've worn these a couple of times, and they work very well. They seem well constructed and should last a couple of seasons. The cleats are low profile, so they are comfortable to walk in. I did order 3 different sizes, 1-XX to wear over my size 10 pac boots, the Large to wear over my regular boots and the XL for my work boots. All three fit fine. Three pairs [...] was less money than one pair of yaxtrax. I'm sure yaxtrax are good, but I'll stick with these. I don't think I've ever been dissapointed with an HT Enterprises product. This was my 1st purchase with FishUSA.[...] I'll be a return customer.

The last pair lasted 8 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The first pair lasted 8 yrs before my 9 month old puppy found them.

Wish we could fit them on our tires

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For inclement weather

These things are GREAT!

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I used these all winter in the ice and snow. Especially for snow blowing and just getting around in the icy weather. They work great! I find for me, buying one size up from recommended sizing is easier to put on. Have bought these for gifts for my friends and recommended them for other people too.They also thought they worked great.

This product works

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I live in Vermont and these grips work on ice and hard packed snow where other grips have failed.

Saved the day on the ice

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Saved the day

Saved me from injury numerous times.

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This is my second winter using these safety treads. I won't go another winter without them. I work for a delivery company and they have prevented me from slipping and falling many times. I have tried 2 other kinds of safety treads..both were more expensive and were not durable enough to withstand the abuse I put them through. These are well worth every penny I spent on them!


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Awesome products

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This products is awesome, gave to all my friends on the horse farms and my other friend landscaper in the icy weather. I will be ordering a lot more for gifts etc.