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Rapala Down Deep Husky JerkRapala Down Deep Husky Jerk
Wire & Lead CoreWire & Lead Core
Luhr Jensen Dipsy DiverLuhr Jensen Dipsy Diver
Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer BoardChurch Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board

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NewBead Tackle Keel Sinkers
Bead Tackle Keel Sinkers
Bead Tackle Keel Sinkers will help you target fish deep down in the waters. They feature a keel-shaped design to cut through the water and quickly dive to your desired depth. With multiple bead swivels, you won't have to worry about line twists or kinks!
$3.49 - $3.99
NewBerkley PowerBait Rib Shad
Berkley PowerBait Rib Shad
8 Colors available
The Berkley PowerBait Rib Shad features a shape that appears as an easy meal for bass. Its body is ribbed on the belly and has a segmented tail that creates an amazing motion in the water that can be seen by bass in shallow or deep water. Enhanced with the exclusive PowerBait scent and flavor, this softbait is sure to hook-up fish and they won't let go. When rigged on a weighted hook or jighead, the Rib Shad will wiggle through the water, enticing predatory fish to take a bite! The Berkley Power...
Offer AvailableDreamweaver WD Spoon
Dreamweaver WD Spoon
27 Colors available
Dreamweaver WD Spoons are designed and tested by professional fishermen to give the best possible action, and are the spoon of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and oceans. Every spoon is hand-painted and assembled in the USA to ensure you receive a quality product. The finishes have been tried and tested for the last 15 years and are simply the toughest out there. WD Series Spoons feature red "bleeding bait" treble hooks. The smaller profile makes them perfect for walleye, steelhead...
NewSnakebite Snap Pro Kit
Snakebite Snap Pro Kit
The Snakebite Snap Pro Kit is the best weight kit available for serious anglers. The kit features the revolutionary and reliable Snakebite Snaps. The Snaps easily attach to the line without damaging it. The kit includes 16 weights that range from 1 to 4 ounces. The Snakebite Snap Pro Kit is made in the U.S.A.
NewSnakebite Snaps
Snakebite Snaps
Snakebite Snaps are revolutionary and incredibly reliable. Add your own weights to these snaps and snaps easily attach them to your line without damaging it. Snakebite Snaps come in a handy compartment case. Snakebite Snaps are made in the U.S.A.
$13.99 - $24.99