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Salmon and steelhead fishing constitutes a range of approaches and methods, which vary as much as the waters where you can find these fish. Pacific salmon species, including Chinook salmon (King salmon) and sea-going Coho salmon, are anadromous, meaning they hatch in freshwater streams and rivers and then migrate to the ocean to feed and grow. They are found throughout the western U.S., Canadian Pacific Northwest, and Japan. In North America's vast Pacific Northwest region, anglers troll fabled saltwater fisheries with equipment that can withstand the harshness of a saltwater environment. Spend time around PNW anglers, and you'll see a seemingly never-ending assortment of flashers, spoons, hootchies, and bait doctored with scents and dyes that can all bring fish to your bait and boat. These trolling techniques are employed in freshwater fisheries as well, most notably for Great Lakes salmon. Wild steelhead trout, like salmon, return to their natal streams or rivers to spawn in late summer or early fall. In these freshwater tributaries, anglers employ various light tackle, including spinning gear, centerpins, and fly fishing rods and reels. Whether your goal is to catch and release or keep a few for the smoker from the Salmon River nearest you, it's hard to beat the thrill when you set the hook on a salmon or steelhead.