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Planning Your Walleye Fishing Trip

Beginners and seasoned anglers alike appreciate the challenges and rewards of walleye fishing. Because these slippery beauties make for an exciting catch, walleye fishing gear is among the most popular with FishUSA customers.

From walleye rods to lures and other essential walleye fishing equipment, we can help you stock up and prepare to hook your next prize. We have all the walleye tackle you need for a perfect day at the lake.

Essential Walleye Fishing Gear

Make sure you have all your walleye fishing equipment in tow before you head out. Here's the walleye fishing tackle you'll need to nab this tricky prey:

  • Walleye Rods:

    Choose a highly sensitive rod to help you detect a walleye's gentle bite. It should also be stiff enough to set a hook quickly. Because walleyes are wily, walleye rods are specially designed to help you land this finned prey. Choose a medium or medium-light fishing rod with fast or extra-fast action if you're using lures and jigs. With live bait, we recommend a 6 1/2- to 7 1/2-ft. light to medium power fishing rod with moderate to fast action. If you're trolling, look for walleye rods with medium to medium-heavy power moderate action.

  • Walleye Reels & Line:

    In terms of walleye fishing reels, versatile, durable spinning reels are your best bet. If you're using a trolling reel, look for one with a high line capacity. Beginning anglers may want to use spincasting reels to help them detect those delicate bites. As for walleye fishing line, spinning and spincasting reels require 8-12 pound braided or superline because they have little stretch for faster hook setting and more active lures. Trolling reels need a heavier line – up to 20 pounds – to manage weights and dipsy divers.

  • Walleye Lures & Bait:

    Because walleyes are visual hunters, you must capture their attention using walleye lures and bait. One highly effective method is mimicking a baitfish. Swimbaits, spoons, jigs and shad-style crankbaits are all effective at attracting walleyes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walleye Fishing

Here are some common questions and answers about walleye fishing. If you need information about any of the walleye tackle we sell, please get in touch. We love hearing from fellow anglers!

What Other Walleye Fishing Tackle Do I Need?

Along with the fishing rod, reel, lures and line, make sure you have walleye hooks. You can also find landing gear and all the walleye fishing gear you need right here at FishUSA.

How Big Do Walleyes Get?

As the heftiest member of the perch family, walleyes can grow up to 30" long. Walleye females weigh in at around ten pounds – males are about six pounds. That's why it's crucial to choose the right walleye tackle.

What Do Walleyes Look Like?

The walleye's name comes from their glassy-looking "wall eyes," caused by the highly reflective layer inside their eyes that helps them see in low light. Walleyes possess a large mouth and sharp teeth. Their long, stout body sports a tall, spiny dorsal fin.

Where Do Walleyes Hang Out?

The walleye is a cool-water fish. During the day, they prefer to swim at depths of 15 to 30 feet. At dawn, dusk and nighttime, they'll come up. Overcast or choppy conditions will also cause them to rise.

Find the Best Walleye Fishing Equipment at FishUSA

For all your walleye fishing gear, rely on FishUSA. As experienced anglers, we know what it takes to catch the big one, and we're here to help with everything you need. Due to the walleye's size, superior vision, delicate bite and quick let-go, walleye fishing requires patience, skill and some very specific gear. Find everything you need at FishUSA today!