Megabass Tackles BFS - Get a First Look at Megabass' New BFS Baits

By: FishUSA Staff

July 19, 2023

For decades, Megabass has prided themselves as a brand characterized by innovation, quality, and custom handicraft. When a new fishing technique arises, Megabass typically either had a hand in its development or is quick to jump on the opportunity to craft a new product that will excel in it. The wildly growing technique known as BFS is no exception. BFS stands for Bait Finesse System, and its popularity has spread like wildfire from Japan to all over the United States. So what is BFS? And how has Megabass responded to the rapid growth of this technique? In this article, we'll answer these questions and take a detailed look at each of Megabass' new BFS centered baits.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is BFS Fishing
  2. Megabass' Answer to BFS
    1. Baby Pop-X
    2. DOG-X Jr. COAYU
    3. MR-X Griffon
    4. SR-X Griffon
    5. X-70
    6. X-80 Jr.


What is BFS Fishing?

BFS is essentially finesse fishing with casting gear. Companies such as Shimano, KastKing, and Daiwa were quick to develop casting reels with shallow, lightweight spools and brakes engineered to effectively cast light lures with light line, now known as BFS fishing reels. The same companies also designed light action casting rods that won't snap 6lb fluorocarbon on a hookset, now known as BFS fishing rods. Like Megabass, BFS fishing originated in Japan. Japanese trout anglers wanted to use casting gear to make deadly accurate casts in their tiny mountain streams, and conventional casting gear wasn't up to the task. Similarly, Japanese bass anglers wanted to finesse fish their extremely pressured lakes, and desired casting gear capable of throwing light line and lures. Thus, the BFS technique was born. The technique has now made its way over to the US where crappie, bass, and trout anglers have welcomed it with open arms. If you're interested in learning more about BFS, check out our article "BFS Fishing - A Complete Guide to Bait Finesse System".

Megabass' Answer to BFS

As a technique that requires precision, finesse, and detail, BFS fishing is right up Megabass' alley. It's no surprise that they've developed six beautiful and incredibly detailed baits that are sure to be major players in the world of not only BFS bass fishing, but trout and panfish as well. Let's take a detailed look at each one and dive into what makes them unique.


  • Details
    • Length: 2"
    • Weight: 3/16oz
    • Hooks: #8 (Front), #10 Teaser Hook (Rear)
  • A snack-size version of the original legendary POPX
    • The original POPX changed topwater baits forever
    • Unique water channeling cup and patented balance system
  • Unique characteristics
    • Sculpted cup design
    • Central line tie
    • Spits and splashes hard to leave a distinct bubble trail
    • Walks side to side with minimal forward travel
    • Perfect balance of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic form
    • Tail weighted design allows for farther casts than you'd expect from a bait this size
  • Fishing tips
    • A short BFS fishing rod (6'3-6'6) with a fast tip will allow you to impart the best walking action on the Baby POPX
    • A small diameter braided main line to a 4-6lb monofilament leader will keep your bait floating as it should and prevent line hang ups on the front treble
    • A pop-pop-pause retrieve typically draws the most strikes
    • Make sure the fish has a proper hold of the bait by waiting for your line to tighten before performing a sweeping hookset
Megabass Baby POPX BFS


  • Details
    • Length: 2-3/4"
    • Weight: 1/5oz
    • Hooks: #8
  • Unique characteristics
    • Topwater walking bait the size of a small baitfish
    • Equipped with Megabass' patented moving balancer system
    • Side-stepping moving balancer throws its weight to the left and right to power dynamic, hard-cutting turns
    • Speed up the retrieve to watch this bait burst to life with frantic baitfish like action
    • Tail mounted lateral moving balancer for precise casts even at long distances
      • Click/knock sound with each twitch
  • Fishing tips
    • Similar to with the baby POPX, a short rod (6'3-6'6) with a fast tip will allow you to impart the best action on the DOG-X Jr. COAYU
    • Small diameter braided mainline to a 4-6lb mono leader will allow for optimal action and less line hang ups on the front treble
Megabass DOG-X Jr. COAYU BFS

MR-X Griffon Bait Finesse

  • Details
    • Length: 1.5"
    • Weight: 3/16oz
    • Depth: 7ft
    • Type: Floating
    • Hooks: #10
  • Downsized version of the storied Japanese crankbait
  • Unique Characteristics
    • High-pitch action and pinball like deflections off rocky structure
    • Round lip and sculpted hydodynamic form allow for instantaneous deflection recovery
    • Elusive combination of stability, deflection dynamism, and high-pitch wobble that tracks true and delivers in situations where it's tough to get bites
  • Fishing Tips
    • Use a 6'3-6'6 rod with a moderate taper and slower action to allow for sweeping hooksets while also helping to keep small trebles pinned
    • 4-6lb fluorocarbon allows the MR-X Griffon Bait Finesse to easily reach its desired diving depth and impart optimal action, but you may need to upsize line strength around grabby or sharp structure
Megabass MR-X Griffon BFS

SR-X Griffon Bait Finesse

  • Details
    • Length: 1.5"
    • Weight: 3/16oz
    • Depth: 4ft
    • Type: Floating
    • Hooks: #10
  • The SR-X Griffon is the shallow diving version of the MR-X Griffon (4ft diver vs. 7ft diver)
  • Same high-pitch action and pinball deflections to dominate rocky structure and get bites where and when other baits fail
  • Fishing Tips
    • The SR-X Griffon can be effectively fished on the same BFS fishing setup as the MR-X Griffon
    • Don't forget to upsize your fluorocarbon when fishing around sharp or grabby structure  
Megabass SR-X Griffon BFS


  • Details
    • Length: 2-3/4"
    • Weight: 1/6oz
    • Depth: 1-2ft
    • Type: Suspending
    • Hooks: #10
  • A juvenile minnow style jerkbait built to dominate the shallows
  • Irresistable, wide, side-to-side darting action
  • Ideal for rivers, flats, shallow docks, and skinny water areas where it may be difficult to fish other jerkbaits
  • Flat sides for huge flash and consistent range-keeping
  • Body shape elicits a flickering, swimming action that looks extremely natural
  • Suspending action allows for a dead-drift and twitch presentaton in current closely mimicking injured baitfish
  • Fishing tips
    • Typical of jerkbait fishing, a short (6'0-6'6), light, medium light, or medium action BFS fishing rod is ideal for imparting the best twitch-twitch-pause action on your bait
    • Braided mainline to a fluorocarbon leader will allow for optimum casting range and action of your bait
      • A 4-6lb fluorocarbon leader is ideal for the X-70
      • A long (6-10ft) leader will get you more bites and help your bait reach its maximum diving depth
Megabass X-70 BFS Jerkbait

X-80 Jr.

  • Details
    • Length: 2.6"
    • Weight: 1/4oz
    • Depth: 2-3ft
    • Type: Suspending
    • Hooks: #8
  • The downsized version of Yuki Ito's precision-tuned X-80 Trick Darter
  • Incredible twitching and darting action triggers the most pressured of fish
  • Patented tungsten multiway moving balancer system to power outsized distance and provide optimal swimming ability
  • Tracks true in all situations and snaps to attention with little effort from the angler
  • Fishing tips:
    • Like with the X-70 and other jerkbaits, a 6'0-6'6 light, medium light, or medium action BFS rod will allow you to impart the best twitch-twitch-pause action on your bait
    • Braided mainline to a fluorocarbon leader will allow for optimum casting range and action of your bait
      • A 4-6lb fluorocarbon leader is ideal for the X-80
      • A long (6-10ft) leader will get you more bites and help your bait reach its maximum diving depth
Megabass X-80 Jr. BFS Jerkbait

BFS fishing is only going to continue to grow in popularity as more and more companies produce high-end products centered around the technique. Whether you're just interested in purchasing your first BFS fishing setup and getting started, or have mastered the craft, you can trust that these new Megabass BFS baits will help you put more fish in the net!

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