At a Glance: Fly Tippets

FishUSA offers tippet spools from RIO, Scientific Anglers, Cortland, Maxima, and Orvis. We stock tippets in sizes from 0X (.011 in.) to 7X (.004 in.). For the new fly fisher, you use tippet material to extend leader lengths after a tapered leader has been reduced in length by the necessary line cuts when changing flies. This tippet attaches to the fly. Tippet diameter is set in inches at an industry-standard:

These designations are the standard in the industry, although pound-breaking strength varies by material and manufacturer. The diameter “X” designation and breaking strength are marked on the spools, which we supply in lengths from 25 - 100 yards. Tippet comes in freshwater and saltwater designs, either monofilament nylon, copolymer, or fluorocarbon, and each material holds advantages over the others in different fishing conditions and types of fishing.

Tippet materials are also manufactured in heavier diameters for you to hand-build your own knotted, tapered leaders.