StrikeMaster Mora Hand Ice Auger

Item No.: F10137

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Product Details

Product Details

The StrikeMaster Mora Hand Ice Auger is constructed with razor-sharp "Chrome-Alloy" stainless steel twin blades, which will provide up to five times the performance than competitive brands of hand augers. This auger features a cushion grip handle and cushioned top knob for cutting comfort. The Mora also is equipped with a three-stage adjustable handle design that allows the handle to be adjusted from only 48 in. to a maximum height of 57 in. to ensure comfortable use by both children and adults. Grab an auger built to last a lifetime with the StrikeMaster Mora Hand Ice Auger!

  • Auger comes in two pieces
  • Comes with blade guard
  • Adjustable handle height from from 48 in. to 57 in.

  • ModelSizeWeight
    MD-55 in.6 lbs.
    MD-66 in.6 lbs.
    MD-77 in.7 lbs.
    MD-88 in.8 lbs.


I recomend the MORA hand auger


My MORA hand auger is close to 20 years old and it still works just fine. 10 inches of ice is no problem for the MORA. This auger, with some care, will last a lifetime. I believe for the price it is a good deal, if my MORA ever needs to be replaced I will buy another hand auger this will be the one.

12 ice, 3 minutes then fishing

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The MORA Hand auger would be then best if it had a pilot bit, to keep it straight from start to finish.

Great product, well built. goes dull

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This is a good product

Good Hand auger

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I do have my old 8" auger, but when ice 9" or more it's tough to make a hole, so i bought 5".Now, even ice is more than 20",in 30-40 second it's done. So i would recommend to every one to buy and use, especially for ice 9" and more.Plus - fair price.

Good product

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Easy to use, cuts quick