SPRO Rattling Little John Type R 50 Crankbait

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Item No.: F19586


The SPRO Rattling Little John Type R 50 Crankbait has been designed and tested to deliver top-level performance and presentation that will have the hungry predators striking hard! SPRO designed this lure with a steel ball weight that transfers during movement to create an enticing and loud rattling sound. The weight transfer system also assists with casting, allowing for longer and more accurate casts with ease. The bill of the Little John Type R helps create a unique darting and diving action. SPRO released these in a wide range of patterns and colors, ensuring that there is one for every condition you'll meet! If you're looking for a unique presentation with a high attraction, you need the SPRO Rattling Little John Type R 50 Crankbait!

  • Steel ball weight transfer creates a loud rattling sound
  • Soft tungsten weight transfer system for better castability
  • Computer chip bill for unique action
  • Gamakatsu round bend hooks
  • Ideal for mid-depth zone
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


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