Nils USA Hand Auger

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Product Details

Product Details

Nils USA Hand Augers feature a one-piece cutting head instead of individual blades. This design offers a stronger overall cutting surface. The cutting head is constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper longer. The curved blades quickly cut through the thickest ice with little to no downward pressure applied. Nils USA Hand Augers have cushion grip handles for cutting comfort. The offset handle design brings the drilling hand out, farther away from the centerline of the auger, increasing the torque going directly to the cutting head. This makes drilling holes much easier than with similar-sized augers. The folding handle design makes transportation and storage a breeze.

All models come with a plastic cutting headcover to protect the blades from damage and to protect users from the blades. Nils USA Hand Augers are power-coated blue with red cutting heads. The auger assembly/cutting head section of these hand augers can be used in conjunction with the Nils USA power auger powerheads.

  • One-piece cutting head
  • Constructed of high chromium steel
  • Offset handle design
  • Folding handle for easy transport
  • Can be used with the Nils USA power auger powerheads
  • Plastic cutting headcover

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Great auger! I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

The only one you will ever need

by -

The nils hand auger cuts the ice like butter no effort at all to use and really no need for the gas auger.I can drill a hole allmost as fast as my buddy with his gas auger and with out the weight.You will be really impressed with the nils hand or gas.

Trust Me

by -

trust me. You don't have to look further. The Nils Master 8" hand ice auger is perfect. It is light and easy to use. It cuts through 12 inches of ice in about 20 to 30 seconds....depending on your "enthusiasm". You can also purchase a powerhead although I did not because I don't like the noise factor. There are no negatives to this product. Buy it and enjoy a nice 8" hole to jig or set type.

there is number one then all the rest

by -

think over the past 35+ yrs of ice fishing i have used every hand screw on the market i have 2 tanaka [nills] in 4&6" that are 25+ yrs old my 6" has a cracked flight which was of my doing, that i am getting welded but just in case it doesn't hold i just purchased another,i don't baby my stuff , and i ice fish 3 months a year and average 5 day a week , and i'm a run and gun guy thats a lot of holes and the people they recomend for resharpening the heads are super,if needed, best single piece of equipment in my ice arsenal


by -

My first auger. Was using my Grandfathers handmade chisel. I found the Auger light to carry, and quick to make a hole. The blade is sharp. I was careful to keep the blade protected during transport/storage, and sprayed it with WD-40 when not in use. After about 5 times on the lake, and maybe 30 holes - still looks and works like new. I like the offset handles. Makes sense that both hands do the work, and the lack of downforce allows the blades to do the cutting, which they did with surprising speed. I would watch power augers working next to me, but was not at all jealous. Also saw people using standard augers and pushing hard to make the blades cut. Ice was about 12" thick. Expect to get many years from this auger. Definitely worth the extra price.