March Brown Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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Product Details

Product Details

The March Brown Dry Fly - 2 Pack is for those East and Midwest fly anglers who recognize when the Mayfly species Maccaffertium vicarium first takes flight in mid-May. This large mayfly hatch (often referred to by anglers incorrectly now as the Stenonema hatch) is common but intermittent throughout the day through late May/early June. Names aside, the trout don't care. As far as they know the mayfly is a meal and a March Brown Dry Fly is a proven choice to feed into their instinct. Hatching peaks last one-to-three weeks. After laboring to escape its shuck in the surface film, the March Brown mayfly will float the current for an extensive period while making often failed flight attempts. The mayfly is easy pickings for trout and the hackled dun of this March Brown dry fly promotes a long float to contend with the naturals. If you're fortunate enough to get on the water for a full day in May as this hatch is going, you definitely need to bring selections of this March Brown Dry Fly - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and others
  • Mimics the dun of the mayfly Maccaffertium vicarium; often referred to popularly yet now incorrectly as a Stenoma; other names include Gray Fox, American March Brown, Dark Cahill
  • Technique: nymphs will move from faster riffles into pools and marginal waters before hatching, so look for this mayfly to emerge from slow waters; this is a sporadic day hatch primarily starting mid-morning and peaking by mid-afternoon and extending into the early evening; let the March Brown Dry Fly float for a long period as this mayfly struggles to take flight; slight twitches can imitate this effort
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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