HT Enterprises Windlass Tip-Up

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This item is temporarily out of stock.

Product Details

The HT Enterprises Windlass Tip-Up is a unique jigging tip-up. A slight action of the breeze causes the Windlass to jig the line. This tip-up is made of solid, high impact A.B.S. plastic that is stronger than wood and features a v-shaped frame to help prevent the tip-up from sticking to the ice.

  • Base Length: 13 in.
  • Spool Capacity: 200 ft.
  • High impact A.B.S. plastic construction
  • "Ends" on frame for quick line pick-up
  • Unique spring adjustment bracket for different weighted lures
  • New drag feature on spool for different tension settings
  • V-shaped frame prevents tip-up from sticking to ice
  • Plastic coated, extra high blaze orange flag for durability and visibility
  • Base can be used for a line wrapping board
  • Steel wind fan is coated to prevent rusting




The idea the the Winlass tip up is great, and I have seen some modles out on the ice that were great, but not the these. Very poor plastic construction. I spent more time fooling with these then I did fishing with them.

Set & Catch

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The windlass tip-up the first time you set it up sets up a little hard. But once you get the hang of the way it works it's worth the trouble. The lakes we fish around here are not real deep 10 ft. or so. We put a windlass between my other tip-ups and i thank the action from the windlass helps them all.

Iiiiiiii Like it!


Really like these tip ups. There is minimal setup and some adjustment, but once said and done, I've found, will outproduce 3to1 at least over standard tipups. I use shinners (dead or alive) with a EC pre-rigged hook w/spinner blade. I find the extra flash from the spinner jigged by the wind is a plus! Just read the directions for proper setup(easy). Also remember to check the hole more often for freezups mainly on your line.

the best tip up youll ever get


this is the best thing you can own on the market today im 27 and have used these tip ups for every year i have been fishing over twenty years and have never set a tip up out other than a windlass unless fishing northern pike (line will backlash when took out fast) i cant tell you enouf about them there perfect for the guy who wants to jig and drink as i call it a good day of fishing a must have for any ice fisherman

Takes work


If you like messing with things this is the tip up, it certainly gives you something to do. If you live in an area of constant light wind speed and steady direction they work great. If not they keep you warm getting up for constant adjustments. Here in ND they work 20% of the time.