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Fishpond PIOPOD Microtrash Container

Item#: F21279

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Product Details

A Fishpond PIOPOD Microtrash Container stashes tippet you replaced streamside when fly fishing or that tag end you just trimmed away from the fly. This PIOPOD container is about 3 x 2 inches in diameter, attaches easily, and should be large enough to hold a day's worth of micro trash. Pack it in, pack it out - even for the less thoughtful who abandon brush-tangled lines and drop cigarette butts. Don't be "that guy." We carry Fishpond PIOPODs in Cutthroat Orange and assorted colors to clip to a loop, a belt, D-ring, or a fishing lanyard. Every little act counts, so please help keep our waterways trash-free with a Fishpond Microtrash PIOPOD. 

  • Rugged, durable, recyclable construction with unique elastomeric cap readily accepts used tippets, wrappers, drowned cigarette butts, etc.
  • Specially designed to facilitate containment of waste monofilament line and tippet, which can endure in the wild for hundreds of years
  • Dual attachment provisions – can be clipped to a fabric loop or belt or attached to a D-ring or fishing lanyard
  • Specs: 3.2 x 1.9 in. diameter
  • Qty per pack: 1 container with lid
  • Please note: If you choose Assorted, FishUSA will ship our choice of color.