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Elliott Rods Ice Rod Models

ELI-30N-XFSKU: 194820
Noodle Lite
Extra Fast
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Product Details

Product Details

An Elliott Rods Ice Rod in your winter arsenal shows that you like to go your own way with an ice fishing rod that is not mass-produced. Elliot Ice Rods are built for the differences between the types of bites, jigging actions, and tactics you'll use to make your hard water adventures a success. Devised for lake trout, bluegills, crappies, and walleyes, it is well worth your while to explore this finely tuned Elliott Rods Ice Rod collection!

  • Models
    • Lite Bite 2 – considered the little brother to the Noodle Lite, this solid glass rod is the perfect rod choice for working small spoons for crappies or large bluegills
    • Inhaler – solid carbon fiber blank utilizing a 3.5 in. titanium spring bobber; moderate action with medium tip for deep water, soft-mouthed crappies
    • Noodle Lite – solid glass rod, extra-fast action with a soft tuned tip; powerful backbone that loads quickly with all the power to handle larger panfish; excellent rod choice for large tungsten jigs as well as small spoons for pursing finicky panfish
    • Wally Perca – solid carbon fiber, fast action with medium tip; excellent choice for shallow water walleyes, lighter presentations
    • Paragon – solid carbon fiber with an extra fast action and medium tip; perfect action for pursuing sunfish, crappie or perch
    • Rippeneyes – solid carbon fiber, fast action with medium-heavy tip; all-around walleye rod to fish reaction bites utilizing Rippin Raps, Jig’n Raps or heavier spoons
    • Nomad – solid carbon fiber, fast action with medium-heavy tip; perfect rod for hole hopping or fishing in larger houses; extra length helps maintain consistent pressure on fish; excellent big walleye or pout rod.
    • Greenback – solid carbon fiber, fast action with heavy power; excellent choice for those large greenback walleyes, lake trout, eelpout or large pike.
    • Siscowett-S – solid carbon fiber, fast action / heavy power with reel seat; the ultimate big fish rod for lake trout, sturgeon, pike; maintains consistent pressure while fighting trophy size fish

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