Eco Pro Tungsten Split Shot

Item No.: F17176

Product Details

Product Details

Eco Pro Tungsten Split Shot are 100% lead-free, eco-friendly, and denser than lead. Due to tungsten's high density, these split shot have a more compact profile that allows for less bulk and fewer snags. The proprietary design includes a 2-piece tungsten shot with a flexible copper hinge so you can securely clamp it to your line without damaging it. These eco-friendly split shot are ideal for you to perfect your finesse technique.

  • 100% lead-free
  • More compact profile for less bulk and fewer snags
  • 2-piece design with a copper hinge
  • Won't damage your line
  • Great for the environment and can be used globally
Qty. per PackWeightSize
180.1 g6
150.2 g4
150.3 g1
120.4 gBB
120.6 gAB

Useless in small sizes unless you are fishing with 7x tippet


Useless in the size 6 and 4 as they are so small that you cannot handle them in cold weather. Also impossible to take off once you are lucky enough to attach one to leader

Nice Little Units


So far so good. I really love these weights. First off, of course I feel better knowing these aren't harming the environment, but also these are just really cool, the size 4 being .2 grams are super small in profile, allowing me to fine tune for my light St. Croix LEP70LXF while also contributing to the overall sensitivity of my rig, due to that advertised density of tungsten. Sweet product. I give them 5 stars at this point, though I am wondering about whether I'll encounter any of those bad copper hinges mentioned in a review above - but so far so good, as I said. Definitely gonna be ordering more of these nice little units!

Help catch fish on a pressured pond


They are very small and i feel that helps me on a small pressured pond

Cool idea which lacks quality

by -

I love the idea of this product. The units are so small it is almost unreal. The tungsten seems to be the future of shot. One problem with this product; lack of quality control. When examining this product you can see that the copper hinges are machined pressed. The problem? Between 1/3 - 1/4 of the product is useless, because the copper is not pressed. The units pieces are tiny making it nearly impossible to hand press the copper hinges on the bad pieces, and impossible to fix out on the water. At a price of .40 - .50 cents for each individual shot and that fraction of flawed pieces per unit is not good on the consumer end. I cannot recommend this yet. The shot that were crafted nicely, worked marvelously. I could not believe the how small the profile of tungsten shot is. You can barely tell the shot is on the line, and the hangups are nearly eliminated. However, with the density of tungsten, you can feel every tick as it flows down stream. Eco Pro, please work on quality control.