DAM Damyl Tectan Superior Monofilament Line

$12.99 - $199.99$10.39 - $159.99
Item No.: F18699
$12.99 - $199.99$10.39 - $159.99

Product Details

Product Details

Having the right line makes all the difference out on the water. That’s why you need the DAM Damyl Tectan Superior Monofilament Line on your side! This line offers superior abrasion resistance for durability and a UV-protective treatment to enhance the life of your line! The lines low-visibility clear coloring makes it perfect for disappearing into the water, helping you land even the most finicky fish! The smooth surface of this line is ideal for increased knot strength. At the same time, the low memory of the Damyl Tectan Superior Line keeps it performing its best! To catch a monster trophy, you need a fishing line you can trust; you need the DAM Damyl Tectan Superior Monofilament Line!

  • UV-protective surface treatment
  • Low visibility
  • Low memory
  • Superior abrasion resistant
  • Parallel winding
  • Medium elongation
  • Color: Clear

4.4 lbs.2.0 kg0.14 mm
5.5 lbs.2.5 kg0.16 mm
6.6 lbs.3.0 kg0.18 mm
8.2 lbs.3.7 kg0.20 mm
10.3 lbs.4.7 kg0.23 mm
12.9 lbs.5.8 kg0.25 mm
15.1 lbs.6.8 kg0.28 mm
17.6 lbs.8.0 kg0.30 mm
24.6 lbs.11.2 kg0.35 mm
29.3 lbs.13.3 kg0.40 mm

Ratings & Reviews

11 Reviews

Attention fly angles


This is the best tippet material for fly fishing. I have been using the 5.5 and 4.4 # for years, the best strength to diameter of any monofilament, supple and strong. Costs a fraction of what the big name tippets cost.

I trust this line


I’ve been using this line for twenty plus years. It’s the only line I will use. It’s durable and strong and I don’t worry about retying after fishing all day. It’s the best monofilament line.

Best monofilament on the market


This is by far the best monofilament line I’ve ever used. It disappears in the water great knot strength. Abrasion resident. I’ve thrown in trees and under water cover and never had to tie afterwards.

Amazing strength and abrasion resistance!


I decided to try the 15.1 lb. this season for deep crankin’ in the Niagara River as its thickness is in the range of many 10 lb. monofilaments. Amazing strength and abrasion resistance! Consequently, I’ve been able to recover several deep crankbaits from snags that I know would have resulted in break-offs with other lines.

5.5lb test over the 4.4lb test for trout fishing


I've bought the 4.4 and 5.5 test line The 5.5lb line is smaller in diameter than the Original Clear Blue 4lb test. I prefer the 5.5lb test line over the 4.4lb because the 4.4 is so thin one knick in it will cause a break and loss of fish.. Both have very low visability be sure to secure your knots. Yes I've had good experiences with the 5.5lb test