ACME Tackle K.O. Wobbler Spoon

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Acme K.O. Wobbler Spoons excite fish by sight and sound! Gamefish are sensitive to the vibrations created by baitfish on the move. K.O. Wobblers mimic this sound with their precision engineered "Sonic Flipper Tail". Once they are drawn by the sound, gamefish are excited into striking by the K.O.'s flashing tail and seductive side-to-side wobble. It's an offer they can't refuse.

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Acme K.O. Wobbler Spoons are made in the U.S.A.

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Cant keep the fish off !

by -

Extremely well built and durable. Caught 24 Walleye in one day with them....Biggest- 9 1/2 lbs 30 inches! Always loved these lures !

great spoon

by -

slow retrieve it has to wobble not spin

A must have

by -

One of the go to lures for salmon, browns and steelhead.

Distance Casts, Solid Performer

by -

Productive for trout and salmon in Lake Michigan. Nice to use from the shoreline/piers because it casts a long way.

A good Spoon

by -

I like this spoon. I have used it for both Bass and Salmon and have caught both. I even caught a Trout once when I was going after smallmouth.

Proven Salmon Catcher

by -

All acme sppons have proven great for catching salmon. I do replace their treble hooks with vmg's sure set and have had much success.


by -

Bst lure so far this fall I need to order more

Works on Trout too


I used the Gold with the Orange strip on Colorado CutThroat trout and it was amazing. My fishing buddy was very jealous and I had just the one lure.

Great Lure on steelhead.

by -

This is an effective lure for steelhead in the Salmon river!!!

I would buy this wobbler again.

by -

I used it on freshwater fishing.It was working very good for any kind of fish.

Smooth Spoon

by -

This lure is easily casted and smoothly retrieved from my bait casting equipment. I use it while wading shallow to medium depth river water primarily for Smallmouth Bass. It's flashy and well constructed. Acme lures should be commended for their attention to quality!! Great product

Excellent Walleye & Pike Lure

by -

Fan cast in moving water in northern Ontario for big Eyes & Pike

K.O. little known in WA for salmon


Bang this lure on the bottom as much as possible during the drift. If you're not taking the risk of getting snagged, you're not fishing it properly. Let it drop all the way down until it ticks. WA anglers are unaware of this little gem. My very first time on the Stillagaumish R. (The Stilly), I hooked into a large and powerful chum salmon; caught on the 1/2 ounce nickle chartruse stripe. The fish came right on the current seam in stong flow.

fish smacker


Not even right for kings in the harbor its a must for all fisherman to have a few in box FISH ON!!!!!