At a Glance: Thread, Floss, Tinsel, Wax, & Wire

FishUSA stocks several fly tying thread types, including UTC Ultra Thread in 210 (3/0), 140 (6/0), and 70 (8/0) diameters. UTC Ultra threads are stranded, so they can be twisted tightly or untwisted to lay flat with the bobbin, depending upon the properties required for the fly pattern. You can also split Ultra Thread easily with a needle or bodkin and then insert fur or dubbing to make a small brush or dubbing loop. You'll find a wide array of color selections available here. UNI-Thread is more of a round thread and is available in 3/0, 6/0, and 8/0 diameters. We offer UNI-Thread in colors that match the most common fly patterns.

Gel spun, and monofilament threads are robust and suitable for larger patterns and, in some cases, for spinning deer hair. We also offer Kevlar thread and a word of warning about it. Kevlar is a rigid material, so be careful when using this thread as you can bend hooks and cut yourself. FishUSA also provides the tier with floss, a traditional material used for tags and bodies for salmon and steelhead flies. The ever-popular Royal Wulff dry fly also calls for floss. Additionally, wrapping material includes two-tone gold/silver mylar tinsel and French tinsel. Many fly patterns use tinsel for ribbing and over/under the bodies on streamers.

Lead wire adds weight to nymph and streamer patterns to sink the fly deeper into the water column – wrap lead wire on the hook before applying any materials. We offer Wapsi round lead wire on spools and as a boxed assortment. Copper wire also adds weight with the other shimmer and sturdy qualities needed when wrapped on the outside of a nymph or fly.

Thread dubbing wax is another valuable material for fly tying. Tiers apply dubbing wax to the thread or their fingers to easily apply slippery dubbing materials.