At a Glance: Spoons

Spoons are lures either cut or stamped from flat metal with shapes and bends similar to the eating utensil this tackle category is named after. They most often imitate swimming or injured baitfish for casting, jigging and trolling. The shape, size, and style of spoon will drastically affect the action from the spoon as well as the vibrations given off as it moves through the water. The colors and finishes applied will enhance the action as light reflects off the surface of the spoon. Spoons come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes, often within the specific spoon series let alone as a tackle category. These options are geared towards specific tactics, types of predatory fish and specific conditions in which you may be fishing. Fishing conditions which should be taken into consideration may include water currents, vegetation, water clarity, depth, and the time of the year. Some spoons work best in vertical jigging presentations such as ice fishing or from boats, while others allow for great casting distances, and still others are designed specifically for trolling deep water. FishUSA offers a tremendous selection of spoons for panfish, trout, salmon, bass, pike, walleye, and many saltwater species.

Popular brands of spoons available at FIshUSA include ACME Tackle, Bay De Noc, Thomas Lures, Dreamweaver, Custom Jigs & Spins, and more.