​The Best Times to Fish in the Summer

By: Nolan Pyle

October 19, 2022

Few things compare to summertime fishing. Beautiful summer weather can make for a safe and relaxing adventure on the water. “Do fish bite when it’s hot?” is a more common question than you may think! However, summertime fishing can be really tough! Summer fish can be driven deep and scattered from hot temperatures and activity in fish can be quite low. Fishing patterns can also change drastically throughout the summer, fishing in June is not the same as fishing in August! When fishing in the summer, it’s important to know when fish are most active so that you can capitalize on those windows and make the most of your outing!

Whether you’re fishing for bass, walleye, musky, or any other species, morning isn’t really a bad time to fish at any point in the year; but it can be especially crucial when fishing in the heat of the summer. Low light conditions make it a lot easier for fish to ambush prey so they’re likely to be actively feeding before the sun gets high and makes them more easily visible to baitfish or other predators. This is when you need to fish fast, cover water, and put your bait in front of as many active fish as possible. Fish are also often looking up at this point in the day so topwaters like the Heddon Super Spook can be very effective and make for a super fun bite! I’ve had plenty of hot summer fishing days where almost all my bites come in the first hour of the morning, which definitely makes getting out of bed before the sun comes up worth it!

Midday may not be one of the best times to fish in summer. The sun is high and hot, boat traffic on the weekends can be brutal, and warm water or a lack of wind or current can have fish lethargic and inactive. There are certainly still ways to catch ‘em though, even if it is sometimes a grind. Many species will push to the deeper parts of the lake in search of cool water or lower light. Deep weed edges are always an excellent place to look for predators when fishing in July and August especially. They act as almost a contour line fish can use to move around the lake while also offering protection and food. Swimbaits such as a 3.8” Keitech Fat Swing Impact, crankbaits such as the Rapala DT Series, a drop shot rig with a Roboworm, or a jig such as a Berkley Flipping Jig are all excellent options for multiple species on deep weed edges. You may have to go long periods of time without a bite, but when you do get one it’s likely to be the quality you’re looking for!

The evening can also be an excellent time to fish in the summer for the same reasons as the morning. As the sun goes down and light gets low, fish will begin to get active and hunt again. Sometimes they will even slide up shallower on top of the weed bed, rockpile, or highspot they were around. This allows a fish to see what’s around it 360 degrees, which makes it a lot easier to find prey. Fishing fast and covering water can pay off big time during this window too!

If summertime fishing is being tough on you, it could just be your timing! There’s never a bad time to go fishing, but follow the tips in this article and you may be a little happier with your reults!