At a Glance: Cement, Epoxy, Glue, Paints, UV Resin, & Lights

Cement, Epoxy, Glue, Paints, UV Resin & Lights established their necessity and versatility over many years of use for fly tying. We offer products from popular manufacturers like Loon Outdoors, Wapsi, Gulff, and other brands. Head cement secures the tread on the head of flies and anchors materials when tied into the fly. For years, traditional solvent-based cement has answered the demand for penetrating thread and helped make tidy fly heads. They are still popular. Water-based and urethane water-based head cement is a newer “green” addition. Super glues in thin and medium formulas can also be used for heads and are great for securing foam sheets and poppers to the hook, along with tying in materials. UV resins have gained a wide following in the past decade and have many applications when tying flies. UV resins have found a place on many tier's benches, from over coating on nymph bodies and wing cases, coating dumbbell eyes, and gluing living eyes on larger patterns. FishUSA offers several types of resin, viscosities, and colors. UV curing requires a light source and FishUSA offers UV Lights to completely cure UV resin.