At a Glance: Body Wraps, Chenille, Yarn & Tubing

Body Wraps, Chenille, Yarn & Tubing are popular fly tying materials, giving the fly tier many uses, and in particular for bodies of flies. Body wraps and braids are used on many egg and saltwater patterns. Chenille is used for some nymph and streamer patterns. Two notable fly patterns using chenille include Pat’s Rubber Legs stonefly and the popular Wooly Bugger in its many forms. Wrap chenille around the shank as the body foundation. FishUSA offers many colors and types of chenille, from micro diameters to larger chenille suitable for the largest Buggers. The yarns in stock include Angora, Antron, and yarns for glo bugs and other egg patterns. Angora yarn is used for the popular Great Lakes steelhead Sucker Spawn fly. Antron yarn is used for trailing shucks on caddis and mayfly emergers and mayfly spinner wings. The micro yarns for glo bug flies make a great material variation of the Sucker Spawn. Tubing acts as body material mainly for baitfish streamer flies, and tiers learned it works wonderfully to make the body on a very effective needle fish fly pattern for barracuda. You can easily slip tubing over the hook shank and tie it in the front and rear, adding other materials after the body.