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BerleyPro Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion

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A BerleyPro Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion kit provides two new drums to replace the original Titan/Slayer Max wheel and grub screw attachments. Adding these BerleyPro drums to your existing steering allows full movement of the rudder and an even feel. The high-speed Spectra cord gets connected by a looped crimp and tied at the rear. The kit's rear disc lets you tension the rudder, and its rear attachment design ensures the cord travels the same distance both ways. Wrapping the line around the front drum delivers complete rudder movement without restriction from a front attachment point. The result is a smooth, full range of motion and for a rudder to really bite into the water. You can outfit your kayak with this steering upgrade in 30 minutes and remove any piece of play from your handle.

The BerleyPro Native Watercraft Titan/Slayer Max Steering Upgrade also includes a cover plate and brass inserts for looping and tightening the cord. The plate takes any play out of the handle and eliminates the need for you to make continual rudder adjustments in chop or current. The upgrade steering kit makes turning easier with a tighter radius, which is especially helpful around stumps, wind, and docking. A BerleyPro Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion kit is an upgrade you won't regret!

  • Increased reliability
  • Dramatically reduces turning circles
  • Most trusted steering by tournament anglers
  • Kit Includes:
    • Handle drum with top and bottom routing to let the cord pass over itself
    • Core treated and polyester jacket for high strength and minimal stretch spectra cord.
      295kg/650lb breaking strength
    • Tension cover with twin cord locking inserts so you can lock the cord down and be sure it won't pull out
    • Tappered rudder control disc with rear attachment point 
    • Stainless steel fasteners 
    • Pull through braid
  • The kit fits the following kayaks:
    • Native Watercraft Titan 10.5
    • Native Watercraft Titan 12
    • Native Watercraft Titan 13
    • Native Watercraft Slayer Max 12.5
    • Native Watercraft Slayer Max 10

  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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