Zoom Z Craw

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The Zoom Z Craw features a long body with forward facing ribs and fluttering claws that mimic the movement of a crawfish. This soft plastic fishing lure comes with hook pockets located at top and bottom that allow you to easily rig it perfectly. Used by anglers across the globe, the Zoom Z Craw has a streamlined design that can slip into the thickest cover without a problem. Apart from its design, it also simulates the sound and ferocity of a miffed crawfish. The pulsating motion of the Z Craw along with its lifelike body sends enough signals to predators to investigate and have a bite. It is effective in different bodies of water in many conditions, making it the perfect addition to your tackle box.

  • Forward facing ribs and fluttering claws
  • Salt-impregnated
  • Penetrates heavy cover with ease
  • Creates a pulsating motion
  • Qty. per Pack: 6

The Zoom Z Craw is made in the U.S.A.

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